Top 5 Challenges Couples of Today’s Generation Face

Dating and relationship are different now than it was before. In the past, people had healthy long term relationships. Today, the number of such couples is low. Here are five challenges that the modern couple faces.

No role model

Couples today have not seen many healthy relationships. The number of divorces is more now. Many people haven’t seen their parents together and so don’t know what a healthy relationship can be. They don’t have a role model in their life who they can follow and look up to.

Stress of multiple responsibilities

More women are working now. So, there have to deal with a lot of stress. They have to work, pursue their higher education, do parenting, look after the house, and more. These tasks take priority over relationships.

Sex is easily available

One-night stands are very common. People now often date just to have sex. There is no intimacy among most couples. Dating has become a physical thing rather than emotional.

Addictive behaviors

Today’s generation is more addicted to things like drugs and alcohol. These distort their personality and values which in turn affects relationships.


Due to the availability of credit cards, money management skills have become poor in case of today’s couples. They spend more than they can afford and so gets into financial trouble. They fall in debt and often carry financial responsibilities of children from past relationships.

All these affect a relationship. The couples today cannot commit to long-term relationships out of fear and lack of trust. They need to come up with ways to overcome these challenges.

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